About Us

Pioneer in Quality, Leader in Experience

About Us

Our company was established in Adana in 2021 under the name of CTN PLASTİK, with 27 years of family business experience.

As CTN Plastik, we manufacture recycled plastic raw materials with our 2 licensed factories and contribute to the recycling cycle on a global scale with successful import and export activities.

With our monthly production capacity of 1500 tons, we maintain our import and export activities with many countries such as England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, China, India, Uruguay, Israel, Palestine, Algeria and Tunisia.

As  CTN Plastik family, we will continue to work with all our strength for a cleaner environment and a cleaner world.

Our Mission

To be a producer of high-quality granules for customers around the world. For this, we aim to create a sustainable production system that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the production and sale of high quality products in our sector in terms of our reasonable price policy and the quality of our products, while promoting sustainability and ethical production practices.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing honesty and trust, we want you to come back to us, not return your purchase. We will continue on our way with the support we provide after sales and the strength we get from your trust in us.